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Oral contraception versus emergency contraception

Oral contraception revolutionized birth control and the contraception world since its introduction. They override the menstrual cycle to prevent conception. They provide close to 100% protection to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Oral contraception can be taken daily and provides pregnancy cover on a daily basis. They are available in two types – the pill and the […]

Choosing the Best Personal Trainer

If you have just started with a new health routine and would like to achieve more through continous workout, you might need a personal trainer to track your progress and guide you through out the whole process. There are many personal trainers out there but you must find the best one who can really help […]

Did You Know that Chocolates Are Good For Your Body?

Most children these days are discouraged by their parents to eat too much chocolate since it is not good for their health. Though this holds true for young children but did you know that eating chocolate is beneficial for your body? Read on to know more about the health benefits of chocolate. Chocolates came from […]