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Understanding Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Hair grows just about everywhere on the body except the palms and soles. It consists mainly of keratin, a protein produced in the hair follicles. As new hair cells grow, they push the old ones out. A strand of hair is really a string of dead protein cells that “grow” about six inches a year. […]

First Aid: Choking

Choking takes place when there is something blocking the air flow to the lungs. This may be due to a foreign object that a person unintentionally swallowed or a food which was too big for the person to swallow as a whole. Even some respiratory diseases can cause a person to choke. And the fact […]

Setting The Right Mindset In Freeing Yourself From Alcohol Addiction

The sad truth is that a lot of people in this world are addicted to alcohol. For one, a lot of these people were introduced early in their younger years how to enjoy alcohol, not to mention the fact that youngsters tend to party a lot. Of course, when there is a party taking place, […]

Tips for Gardening with Your Kids

The summer season is here, which means you can start doing a lot more gardening. If you have kids, you should consider getting them involved. Most kids love dirt, so yours will likely enjoy gardening. If you teach them how to garden, they will want to do it every week. Here are some tips on […]