Acne Solution: Birth Control Pills

Sometimes, dealing with acne will not just require you to use facial products and have different skin treatments. For the ladies, one prescribed medication is the use of birth control pills. It works both for teenages and women.

Using birth control as acne solution works because it has something to do with female hormones. Girls experiencing acne outbreaks are usually those having menstrual period already. These hormones surging up can be regulated by birth control pills. It can lessen the breakout and other issues associated with menstruation.


Acne Solution - Birth Control Pills

Acne Solution - Birth Control Pills

Acne may worsen in the case of teenage girls because estrogen, progestin and testosterone hormones become unstable during the initial stage of puberty. With this fluctuation, almost all teens suffer breakout. Some are lucky enough to have clearer face or to only have occasional zits. When you take contraceptive pills, it prevents the pimples from forming because the pills balances the hormones in your system.

Before taking birth control pills, you must make sure that you are not pregnant. Consult both your OB-gyne and dermatologist when planning to take pills for acne. Usually, they are the ones who gave prescriptions because not all medication are readily available in the market. Certain brands, especially the most effective ones, can’t be sold with out prescriptions. Having prescription also ensures that the expert have assessed your situation before recommending the pills to you.

You must be aware of the side-effects, too. Your doctor will discuss it about you. Always ask questions if you would like to clarify some points. You can also read the package insert in the pill box for the instruction and detailed information.

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    Yes, indeed. Seek for professional advice before taking pills.

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