Children’s Health and Proper Hygiene

Teaching your child proper hygiene should be a priority. Not only does this encourage good health but it also promotes right behavior and conduct towards the environment and the people around. It is important to realize that a child should be taught proper hygiene as early as possible since it is also a factor in developing the child’s character. At the same time, this helps inculcate good morals and habit as the child grows up. Furthermore, this keeps your children from contracting any random infection caused by the environment.

Some practices that you should teach your child is washing their hands regularly. Children these days are very outgoing and active and they tend to touch a lot of things around us. The thing though is that the outdoors is polluted and the slightest infection can be found even at your home’s doorknob. However, by practicing hand washing, it lessens the chances of getting your kid infected by bacteria lying around. In addition, children have a habit of putting their hands in their mouth so it is better that they know the importance of washing hands. Make sure that your children washes their hands every after and before meals. They should also learn to do this everytime they get in contact with sick people and after going in the bathroom.

Another good practice is taking a bath often. Ensure that you have your children realize the importance of taking a bath. This practice lessens the chances of bacteria from accumulating on your body and at the same time. It washes away germs on the body and at the same time keeps the skin healthy. It is also a important that your children practices teeth brushing when they wake up, before they go to sleep and every after meals. Good oral hygiene also promotes healthy gums and fresh breath. This practice should be taught to children as early as possible while they are young.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. But perhaps the best means of teaching your children is by setting a good model. Being a responsible parent should include inculcating these kind of behaviors so that your children will grow to be responsible and at the same time, with good hygiene.

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  1. First of all thank your for visiting my blogsite and giving your comment. Likewise your blog articles here are very educational and will be love by people who read it especially the women in particular. I like your articles. Thanks again

  2. arvin says:

    good post…..wash hands with safeguard…..h

  3. peachkins says:

    I try to teach my daughter about the proper hygiene all the time..

  4. Didi says:

    I’m oc regarding my kid washing her hands. That’s true. It’s a good thing she saw this soap ad so she knows what germs are lol.

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