Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

What is CBT?

CBT is the acronym for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This is an established and effective method of treating individuals suffering from various mental disorders such as anxiety disorder, psychosis, mood disorders and many more. The main idea here is that cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses more on techniques which helps individuals change their behavioral patterns in favor of a healthy lifestyle.

It also helps change unhealthy beliefs of a person such as being negative, over-generalizing, minimizing positive-thinking. It can lead individuals into lessening their emotional distress and self-doubts which is counterproductive to their everyday lives. It also helps patients create an effective way to cope up with daily stress as well as in creating healthy habits.

Keep in mind that the therapy does not solely depend on the medical practitioner alone but it also depends on the will of the patient. It is important that he or she has the desire to be cured or else the therapy is useless. At the same time, the patient needs to be patient when it comes to results since they usually manifest in a period of twelve to sixteen weeks which is also dependent on how receptive he is to the therapy.

What is great about this therapy is that the patients also learn skills which can make them more proud of themselves which eventually builds self-esteem. They become more productive. However, it is also important that they practice these healthy habits on a daily basis for the therapy to be effective.

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