Coping with Menstrual Flow Discomfort

Almost every girl who’s getting period knows what PMS is. Some men do, when they see their girlfriends in a bad mood. Is there a better way to handle period insanity? How to cope with menstrual side effects?

1. Kill the pain before it kicks in
Your lower abdomen or back usually hurts before and during period. Blame the prostaglandins for causing the contraction of your uterine muscles to shed off uterine lining. To control the cramps, pop a pain-reliever or two when you feel that your period is due to arrive. Ibuprofen can be easily bought over the counters and safe to take every six hours just to ease the pain. You can also apply hot compress over the painful area to relieve discomfort.

2. Beat digestive distress
Prostaglandins have the same contraction effects on intestines causing the stomach to rumble. Have a loperamide handy to beat diarrhea if the situations gets worse.

3. Fix your mood swings
The fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone affect the brain chemicals that trigger mood swings. Happiness, depression, anger… name those active emotions during your period and you’ll likely experience them all.

Reduce moodiness through a proper diet. Add more dairy products and fruits in your meals. Calcium, potassium and vitamin D are good for your health. Tame your temper by working out at least 20 minutes a day to increase the production of endorphins.

4. Combat that bloated feeling
Do you feel few inches wider than your usual self? Blame it to estrogen dip. Make use to load up on potassium-rich foods to eliminate excess water from your body.

5. Say goodbye to menstrual migraine.
Cycle-related headaches involve intense, throbbing pain that can make you handicap for a day or two. The blood vessels in women’s head enlarge during period and that is what triggers migraine. Sip a cup of coffee to relax and help constrict the brain blood vessels. Popping a pain killer will be your next option if all else fail.

6. Keep break out under your control
Hormonal changes lead to the production of pore-clogging oil on your skin. Make sure to apply benzoyl-peroxide or salicylic acid products to the affected areas of your face.

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