Finally Real Menthol Flavour from An E-Cig

Electronic cigarettes have opened up a whole new world for smokers. These devices have allowed those who enjoy a cigarette or looking to cut down or quit a viable alternative to a traditional tobacco-based smoke. The inhaled vapour provides the feel of a great drag without the smoke-related health risks.

The device simply vaporizes a glycerine or propylene glycol liquid (which is harmless) with heat produced from a battery powered heating element. The e-cigarette device comes in many different styles. Some look just like a traditional cigarette, whilst others are sleek tubes that more resemble fancy pens.

The liquid in the e-cig comes in a variety of types and flavours. One can get it with or without nicotine, whatever you prefer. The flavours are many, ranging from chocolate to fruit and, of course traditional menthol. The one knock on e-cigs taste-wise is that none of the menthol versions were that great. Feedback from menthol smokers indicated that most had a bit of a metallic taste to it or a sharpness that was not altogether appealing.

Now menthol electronic smoking can match that of the big three cigarette menthol brands (Newport, KOOL & Marlboro). Brands like Smoketip have perfected the menthol flavour cartridge so you get a robust hit of menthol and that smooth familiar aftertaste. You can find both regular and mild versions to suit the situation or your mood.

Finding e-cigarettes and cartridges is easy. Many traditional retailers carry them although most purchase them online. One can find complete kits and reordering cartridges is simple

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