Health Benefits of Papaya

Health Benefits of PapayaPapaya is a fruit which offers a lot of health benefits such as:

• Skin Lightening: Wonder why a lot of soap these days has papaya extract as part of their ingredients? The reason behind this is because papaya can help lighten up a person’s complexion as well as remove acne. Papayas which are utilized as face packs help open pores which in turn make skin glow. It has the enzyme papain which is a contributing factor in dissolving dead skin cells which opens up the opportunity for the skin to regenerate fresh cells.

• Anti-Oxidants: Because papaya is high in fiber, eating papaya helps the body lower its cholesterol levels. It contains anti-oxidants which keeps cholesterol from oxidizing that can eventually cause heart ailments.

• Vitamins and Other Health Benefits: Papaya offers a lot of vitamins to the human body such as vitamin A and a high amount of potassium. Its seeds and leaves also helps when it comes to treating intestinal worms found in the human body as well as prevent constipation. It also keeps the body from acquiring infections in the colon by removing infection, pus and mucus in it. In addition, the skin of the papaya can also be used in treating physical wounds especially areas which does not easily heal.

Overall, papaya is one of those fruits which people tend to neglect but is something that they should start consuming once in a while.

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