How To Deal With Leg Cramps

Leg CrampsIsn’t it annoying to experience having leg cramps especially when you are sound asleep? The fact is that a lot of people have this unpleasant experience wherein their leg muscles tend to have some involuntary contractions which can be very painful. And the thing is that there is no exact cure for it however, the good news is that it can be prevented by doing the following:

• Doing Calf Exercises: Doing calf exercises lessens the chances of you experiencing leg cramps in the night. What you need to do first is stand up facing a wall for at least two to three feet away. Make sure that your feet, hip and your shoulders should be facing the wall as well. Place your right foot a few inches away from while keeping your left leg straight. Now, place your hands on the wall while keeping them at chest level. Afterwards, bend your elbows and gradually lean forward towards the wall. Then gradually bend the knee of your right foot. You should be able to feel your calves being stretched and then hold it for around fifteen seconds. Keep in mind that you need to keep both of your heels flat on the ground while performing this exercise.

• Take Vitamins and Supplements: It is important that you take vitamins which have a healthy dose of potassium, calcium and magnesium. If your body lacks any one of these then you will be more prone to experiencing leg cramps. It is also vital that you have enough vitamin E intakes since it helps blood circulation which is a factor in preventing night cramps. Including black cohosh root, bilberry and or gingko biloba, which are all herbs have their individual characteristics which help blood circulation.

• Take A Hot Shower: Having a hot shower or warm bath or immersing your cramped leg in hot water helps.

Another important factor which can help keep you away from experiencing night cramps is by drinking a lot of water. Limiting the amount of caffeine and alcohol you drink also helps.

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