How To Effectively Deal With Runny Nose

Runny NoseIs it not frustrating dealing with runny nose especially if you have important tasks to finish? Having a runny nose is annoying and can hinder a person from being able to focus on work. Here are some quick solutions to deal with it.

Pressure: pressing the corner of your nose at least ten times was said to help relieve sinus congestion which are caused by allergies and bad colds. You can also do the same repeatedly on the area just below your eyes near your nose line. Keep in mind that you need not press hard, just a mild pressure is enough and doing this at least ten times for each side of the face may help. 

Earlobes: Massaging your earlobes for at least ten seconds also helps in alleviating runny nose. 

Irrigate: This is perhaps one of the most effective ways of clearing your nasal passages with mucus and other debris. Using water to do so and other nasal irrigation tool works but just make sure that the water you are using is filtered or boiled and be careful in inhaling the water or else it may cause more allergy than not. 

Blowing Your Nose: This is also an effective way of keeping  up with a runny nose however, make sure you do this gently because applying too much pressure may potentially damage your ear drums. Furthermore, blowing your nose will often cause your skin to turn red and sore around the nose part. 

In addition to the above tips, having a decent and sound sleep also helps a lot in getting rid of this bad condition. If none of these tips works then you may want to visit your local clinic and get a checkup.

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