Quick Trivia: Menstrual Period

Here are the six uncommon facts that can solve some monthly flow mysteries:
1. Hormonal changes crank your appetite causing you to be hungry than usual.

2. Blood during the first day of period is darker because it has been sitting in your uterus for a while.

3. Vagina might feel sore during your period because the blood flow makes it sensitive.

4. Blood clots are normal especially during heavy-flow days.

5. One sanitary pad can last up to eight hours while heavy cycle might require to change pad every two hours.

6. Normal period arrives every 21-35 days but a lot of factors can delay it such as stress, diet and health disorder.

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2 Responses to “Quick Trivia: Menstrual Period”

  1. nicquee says:

    I agree that stress can put a delay on your period. It has happened to me several times. And when it finally comes, it tags along a bad case of abdominal pain.

  2. Hellen James says:

    Appreciated the share!

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