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Understanding Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Hair grows just about everywhere on the body except the palms and soles. It consists mainly of keratin, a protein produced in the hair follicles. As new hair cells grow, they push the old ones out. A strand of hair is really a string of dead protein cells that “grow” about six inches a year. […]

Bodybuilding Nutritional Supplements

For anyone who is focused on body building, it is advisable to consider adding a body building complement to your dietary program. Dietary supplements are usually type of like vitamin products. They complement what you’re already accomplishing when eating healthily for muscle development and provide you with more of what your body needs to improve […]

Taking Care Of Yourself And Your Skin

It is very easy to find yourself inadvertently neglecting your own wellbeing and the state of your skin without realising that you’re doing so. Often, skincare issues arise because you’re struggling to take proper care of your more general health but, equally, looking after your skin makes an important contribution to your overall well-being. To […]

Updates from the Electronic Cigarette Industry

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular these days, especially with high quality starter kits being introduced over the past several years. Millions of people in the US alone are using electronic cigarettes actively while others are in the process of switching to one. The recent developments from the e-cig industry have made it […]

Things To Know About Headaches

A headache can be anywhere around the head and even go as far as the neck area. The fact is the brain tissue’s lack of pain receptors keep it from feeling pain at all. The pain on the other hand comes from various symptoms which the pain receptors surrounding the brain are experiencing. The thing […]

Keeping Your Blood Pressure in Check

It is very important that people take good care of their blood pressure. The truth is most people these days are suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic medical condition wherein the blood pressure in arteries is higher than normal. This causes the heart to exert more effort which […]