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Acne Solution: Birth Control Pills

Sometimes, dealing with acne will not just require you to use facial products and have different skin treatments. For the ladies, one prescribed medication is the use of birth control pills. It works both for teenages and women. Using birth control as acne solution works because it has something to do with female hormones. Girls […]

Coping with Menstrual Flow Discomfort

Almost every girl who’s getting period knows what PMS is. Some men do, when they see their girlfriends in a bad mood. Is there a better way to handle period insanity? How to cope with menstrual side effects? 1. Kill the pain before it kicks in Your lower abdomen or back usually hurts before and […]

Quick Trivia: Menstrual Period

Here are the six uncommon facts that can solve some monthly flow mysteries: 1. Hormonal changes crank your appetite causing you to be hungry than usual. 2. Blood during the first day of period is darker because it has been sitting in your uterus for a while. 3. Vagina might feel sore during your period […]

Health Watch: 5 Belly Bloaters to Avoid

Girls are more concerned to their tummy and they became more conscious about it during menstrual period. Here are some tips to avoid that bloated look and feel. Stay away from these belly-bloaters: 1. Salt Avoid too much salty foods to minimize weight gain. Because sodium attracts water than anything else, too much of it […]