The effects of phen375

Taking phen375 brings about a lot of changes, not just in the appearance of the individual, but also his dietary habits as well as overall health. Phen375 affects the metabolic rate of the body as soon as one starts to take it. Its effects are immediate, quick and highly apparent. Over a course of six weeks, it can cause a person to easily lose about 25 lbs. (11 kg) of weight. That means an average of 4 lbs. (2 kg) per week. Naturally, the body has to work hard to adapt to this sudden change in the body weight.

Phentemine Diet Pill

People taking phen375 are less hungry naturally and feel the need to eat less and fewer times each day. This is because phen375 suppresses the hunger so that the individual takes in fewer calories each day. Taking in fewer calories is key to maintaining low weight and prevent the body from gaining any additional weight. Although there are certain side effects of this drug as well, they are fairly mild and definitely fewer in comparison to its predecessor- the now banned Phentermine pill. Phen375 also tends to increase the body temperature to enable it to burn more calories regularly.


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  1. Julie Ann says:

    I’m not really into dietary pills and stuffs.. I just can’t imagine what these products can do to my liver and kidneys. However, there are some which are really safe to use. But I prefer to have a referral from a nutritionist or dietitian.

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