Tips In Picking Your Vegetables

Knowing how to pick the right vegetables is very important especially after when a storm hits. These are often the times when prices of vegetables increase due to the damages the storm has caused. When picking your vegetables, do not limit yourself to just the price but rather, you must be able to develop the eye to determine if a vegetable is fresh or not. Knowing how to smell them is also important. Always take not of the following:

  • Eggplant: When buying an eggplant, pick the ones that are soft but firm. If it is shiny then it means it is fresh. Avoid those that have holes and brown spots. It is likely that they are no longer fresh.
  • Cabbage: Pick cabbage of average size and those which has soft and tender leaves.
  • Tomatoes: Do not pick small tomatoes and pick ones that have a bright color. Be wary if they feel too soft and or too firm.
  • Potatoes: The skin should be tight and can easily be peeled off. Avoid potatoes which have sprouted as well as those with patches of green on them.
  • Onions: Pick ones that are dry rather than moist. The pink, the yellow, and the white ones should feel firm.
  • Other Green Vegetables: Keep away from vegetables which have wilted leaves or which appear to have been eaten by insects. Look for a rich, bright green color or a rich red color for amaranth and or beet.

Remember, cooking a good meal with vegetables depends on knowing the good vegetables from the wrong ones.

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